The International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services

Labex logo - Frontiers in marine researchThe international chairs program was created as part of the French cluster of Excellence LabexMER - A changing ocean. It aims at attracting the best international researchers in marine studies. The International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services is one of these chairs. It is hosted by the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM), located in Brest, France. 

What is this program about?

The work of the International Chair focuses particularly on new and innovative science and policies to help better manage the ecosystem services provided by marine and coastal areas and to better coordinate development, conservation, and management to balance the use of living and non-living resources. The International Chair is a fundamental contributor to a proposed United Nations University for the Ocean. Research areas pursued by the International Chair and his team currently include the a Global Environment Facility project on Blue Forests (i.e. Blue Carbon) as well as projects that focus on the impacts of ocean acidification, mapping and visualizing ecosystem services, and managing resources in the high seas and deep sea.

Who holds the position?

Linwood Pendleton holds the International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services

After a first stay in 2014 as a LabexMER visiting professor in Brest, Linwood Pendleton was recruited in October 2014 as the LabexMER International Chair of Excellence for Marine Ecosystem Services. Before that, Linwood occupied a Senior Scholar permanent position at the University of Duke, USA. He has a strong record of achievements and distinctions, and worked as NOAA’s chief economist. He has co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed international publications, including 2 in the world reference journal Nature. 

Linwood is gathering a new research team whose goal is to develop the use of ecosystem services theoretical framework and data to improve the management of coastal and marine areas.



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