Final progress report (2014-2018) of the International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services (PDF)

This report covers some of the highlights of the last 3 years of the ICES-MES. There are many elements that are not captured here – the many lunches, hallway meetings, and doctoral committees where research has been discussed and launched. The report cannot begin to reflect the energy of the many students, faculty, researchers, and start-ups who have joined us at our International Chair Tea and Cookies. Nor does it capture all of the support provided by the Region of Brittany, the city of Brest, the Mayor of Ploumoguer or the people of Finistère without whom it would never have been possible for a family of 4 Anglophones to have found a home at the Head of the World (Penn Ar Bed).

application/pdf The International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services - Progress report 2014-2018 - VF.pdf — 1100 KB