New publication on Coral Reefs and People

A new paper, entitled "Coral reefs and people in a High CO2 world: where can Science make a difference to people?", was published today in the Journal Plos One. This paper is part of our objective to use indicators and analysis to identify places where investments in new science, data, and management can yield greatest benefits to people.

"Coral reefs and people in a High CO2 world" is a result of a collaboration between 17 authors from many disciplines, sharing the same concern about i) the impact of global environmental stressors on coral reefs and ii) the impacts on people who depend on coral reefs.

Through maps, the study shows the extent to which countries that depend on coral reefs (for fishing activities or shoreline protection) are going to be affected by the effects of climatic change (namely ocean acidification and sea surface temperature elevation).

As part of our philosophy for open access to science, you can download the publication on Plos One page.

In addition, a version of this publication is accessible for the general public, with interactive maps and a storyline. This was made in collaboration with GRID-Arendal.

The study is already at the heart of an article written by Brady Dennis, from The Wahington Post.