The International Chair Mid-term report is out!

The International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services (IC-MES) has been created 21 months ago. As it is becoming overaged, we publish a report on its activities. Come and read it!

Healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems benefit people, but the management of these ecosystems is made difficult by a persistent failure to embrace new scientific approaches, data and technologies. The research team of the International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services (IC-MES) seeks to use new ways of harnessing 21st century technologies and interdisciplinary approaches to re-imagine how we use data and science to manage the marine ecosystems that people depend upon. We use Smart data (and are working on Big data) approaches and even artwork to improve the use of science in the management of marine ecosystems, especially with a focus on how we manage for the benefit of people.

Download the IC-MES Activity report here

Table of Contents

The International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services (IC-MES)

Who are We? The IC-MES Team

  • The core research team
  • The IC-MES community


  • Background
  • Four main research projects
  • Research questions tackled by the Chair
  • Funding proposals

Achievements and track record

  • Publications by the Chair Team
  • Editorial Activities
  • Meetings Organized
  • Selected speeches and presentations
  • Teaching

Appendix I. Research Up Close

Appendix II. Webinars hosted by IC-MES