Marine Ecosystem Services in Europe

Covering 71 % of the globe, the World Ocean is a complex ecosystem that provides essential services for the maintenance of life on Earth. More than 25 % of the CO 2 emitted annually by humans into the at-mosphere is absorbed by the ocean, and it is also the largest net supplier of oxygen in the world, playing an equally important role as forests. The ocean is therefore the principal “lung” of the planet and is at the center of the global climate system. Although the ocean continues to limit global warming, for several decades the pressure of human beings – principally CO2 emissions, over-exploitation of resources and pollution – has been degrading marine ecosystems. The role of the ocean in regulating the climate is likely to be disrupted. It is therefore urgent to maintain the functional quality of marine ecosystems and restore those that are deteriorating. The Ocean and Climate Platform was established from an alliance of non-governmental organizations and research institutes, with support from the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Today the Platform includes scientific organizations, universities, research institutions, non-profit associations, foundations, science centers, public institutions and business organizations, all acting to bring the ocean to the forefront in climate discussions.

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