"The ecosystem services partnership visualisation tool" in Mapping Ecosystem Services

The Ecosystem Services Partnership Visualisation Tool (ESP-VT) is an online platform available through esp-mapping.net that systematically organises ES maps and makes them available for the ES community. The ESP-VT consists of: a) a database where all maps and metadata are stored and b) a map and data viewer which is the user interface. The database is structured using an adapted version of the ES mapping blueprint, developed in 2013 as a first attempt to create a checklist for ES maps and models. The database systematically organises the ES maps metadata and the contextual background of the ES maps (e.g. purpose of the study, focal biomes, ES mapped). The ES data are currently organised following the TEEB classifcation system (see Chapter 2.4). Within the map and data viewer, the users can: i) search the database for available ES maps and data; ii) view and access maps and associated metadata within the viewer and iii) download the maps or data of interest. Registered users can also upload their ES maps and associated metadata. Te latter are published online after a quality control check by the system administrator.

application/pdf Drakou et al. - 2017 - The ecosystem services partnership visualisation tool in Burkhard and Maes Mapping Ecosystem Services.pdf — 1550 KB